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Boost Medical Changing the Legal Industry’s Approach to Personal Injury

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Boost Medical Group offers attorneys the industry’s first end-to-end diagnostic and case management solution. Combining medical expertise with leading diagnostics including vertebral motion analysis, we’re turning the tables on personal injury by providing actionable insights in minutes. Coupled with demand letter creation and case management services, Boost Medical collapses the timeline to settle a personal injury case or win in trial by as much as 75 percent.


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Boost Medical’s first-to-market quantifiable solution can detect 19x more TBI than legacy solutions.

Impairment Rating

Our experts assign an impairment rating between 0 and 100 to help quantify the level of impairment.

Demand Creation

Boost Medical drafts comprehensive demand letters that are over 120 pages on average, detailing the medical information.

Case Management

Boost Medical offers end-to-end case management services encompassing intake, diagnostic, impairment rating, and demand creation.

Why Choose Boost Medical

Offering unparalleled expertise in the nuanced personal injury field

Providing an accurate value of what your client’s case will be based on injuries

Creating AMA-compliant demand letters above and beyond anything else in the market

Securing higher case valuations, meaning more money for you and your client

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