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Boosting Personal Injury Outcomes

Boost Medical’s proprietary end-to-end solution features the first quantifiable methodology for personal injury victims. For lawyers, this means access to diagnostic tools, technology, and case management expertise that can make a significant difference for their case outcomes.

Screening & Intake

New patient cases experience a telemedicine interview with our expert orthopedic and neuro surgeons. During this process, our team captures an inventory of all injuries and provides individuals with a baseline value range of what the case could be worth if all the injuries check out based on our medical assumptions.


After the screening and intake process, our healthcare experts make referral recommendations for where the injured person go to receive treatment or additional diagnostic testing.


Boost Medical Group began from an effort to provide a rapid, accurate assessment of the largely undiagnosed, mTBIs that occur during accidents that can cause a significant impact to the health and lives of victims. Collectively we offer to patients and attorneys state-of-the-art diagnostics including neurocognitive testing, EEG-based capabilities, digitized concussion assessments, vestibular balance dysfunction testing and ocular motor impairments.  And for AOMSI injuries, our exclusive spinal diagnostics using Vertebral Motional Analysis (VMA) can evaluate the spine in motion and discover injuries that would likely be overlooked on a traditional X-ray or MRI. It’s a game changer.

Impairment Rating

Based on the injury evaluations and diagnostics, our experts assign an impairment rating between 0 and 100 to quantify the degree of permanent impairment for the injury. This immediately quantifies the degree of injury for the individual, attorneys, and insurers so they may align on the extent of the injuries. The absence of this rating has in part resulted in low or no claim valuation.

Demand Creation

Most attorneys don’t realize they’re not writing demand letters compliant with AMA medical guidelines. Boost Medical builds comprehensive, compliant demand letters that are over 120 pages on average, detailing the medical information in a way that’s more challenging to refute in court.

Case Management

Available for personal injury attorneys, our case management services offer an end-to-end solution to help manage the entire lifecyle of a case and is creating new efficiencies for both attorneys and clients alike. Let us help boost your demand and help maximize case values from the onset.


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