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Oct 17, 2022 | Legal

When someone is seriously injured, the next best step might be legal action through a personal injury claim. At that point, it’s “go time” for the selected attorney. Once you take on a case, a client – and their loved ones – expects your unwavering commitment to the case and resolve to get the best result possible. 

Boost Medical understands the nuance that comes with the personal injury space. We have expertise in injury diagnostics, support the path to the most favorable outcomes, and help make personal injury claims manageable by addressing the biggest challenges an attorney faces. This includes: 

  • A thorough screening for all injuries
  • Referrals to qualified providers of care
  • Highly accurate documentation and impairment rating
  • Efficient and detailed demand letters for insurance

The Timeline Challenge

The first need is immediate care for the patient and a complete assessment of injuries. Intake begins with an automated, full-scope and fully compliant screening that inventories hundreds of potential injuries and identifies all the likely value drivers of your client’s case. This step reduces your firm’s workload, delivers the most critical information ahead of the client’s arrival at your office and helps shorten the time to settlement. 

The screening also provides a roadmap for referring the client to appropriate clinicians based on the present injuries. If the screening suggests traumatic brain injury, this is where access to the latest assessment technologies comes into play. For neck and spine injuries, we offer alteration of motion segment integrity (AOMSI) diagnostics. These cutting-edge technologies provide complete and quantitative data on all injuries, creating evidence of the injury. Traditionally, an MRIs or CT scan performed at most facilities can miss up to 91% of the injury, making access to the latest technologies an essential part of the process.

Our work assures that the case’s value is supported by hard medical data, not supposition based on a police report. A better intake process helps your firm assess the case’s potential worth on the front end – before investing large amounts of time upfront. 

Boost Medical compiles its report, including diagnostics, with the attending provider’s evaluation to generate an impairment rating for your client. Boost also converts the client’s data to match more than 66,000 decision points insurers use to underwrite personal injury claims. 

Demand Package 

Many attorneys are unaware that their demand package must meet certain requirements for their clients’ claims to succeed. A demand letter must comply with AMA medical guidelines, which the majority of firms are not able to meet completely. If a demand letter is not in compliance, the insurance companies’ software will not recognize it, and an insurer is not required to take the evidence into account. 

On behalf of the attorney, Boost Medical creates an impactful and comprehensive demand package that documents all the key injuries suffered. It includes the 36 required subsections of a recognizable demand. Designed to eliminate disputes and denials, the demand package defeats defenses offered by insurers. The average demand letter created by attorneys is typically 8-12 pages. Using a platform like Boost Medical, the complete letter can be as much as 120 pages of quantifiable and AMA-compliant data needed to get the insurance company to understand the extent of the injury.

This approach to documenting injuries and expediting a demand is unparalleled in the field of personal injury claims today. We produce higher case values and faster settlements. 

Contact us today to put our expertise to work on your personal injury cases. 


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