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What is Boost Medical Group?

Boost Medical Group is the industry’s first end-to-end personal injury diagnostic and case management solution.

What does Boost Medical Group do?

Boost Medical Group provides attorneys and their clients with empirical data that demonstrates the extent and impact of an injury, helping to collapse the timeline to resolve a personal injury case. It uses a six-step methodology – screening/intake, expert referrals, diagnostics, impairment rating, demand creation, and case management.

How does Boost Medical Group help my case?

Boost Medical Group arms litigators with the data necessary to successfully expedite and resolve cases in less time.  We do this by completing an extensive screening, intake and diagnostic process. From there, we craft highly detailed, AMA-compliant demand letters detailing the medical information. We also work as an extension of your attorney’s team through our case management services – aiding in everything from medical record compilation to record notarization and more.


Simply put: We help reduce the barriers attorneys and their clients face for expeditious and commensurate financial outcomes.

How do I know Boost Medical Group is effective?

Boost Medical Group’s highly validated methodology includes proprietary technology with 8 FDA clearances, more than a dozen peer-reviewed clinical publications and thousands of subject evaluations.  

What’s the difference between Boost Medical’s diagnostic process and a traditional evaluation I would receive at my doctor’s?

In a standard injury diagnosis with a healthcare provider, you’ll likely undergo an X-ray, MRI or CT scan to better understand your injuries. However, these typical scans can miss a significant portion of TBI damage, and most accident victims who suffer TBI remain undiagnosed. Boost Medical Group also can provide access to Vertebral Motion Analysis (VMA) a game-changing spinal imaging technology that uses controlled motion to evaluate the spine and spinal injuries or what is known as Alternation of Motion Segment Integrity (AOMSI). Additionally, in a traditional medical evaluation, a dedicated neurologist is rarely assigned to assist unless your injuries escalate to the point to warrant the additional expert opinion. At Boost Medical Group, we have neurologists on our team who are engaged with your case from day 1.

Who is the target audience for Boost Medical Group? Who do they serve in the industry?

Boost Medical Group is here to help any plaintiff and plaintiff’s attorney in a personal injury case. While many of our clients have been harmed in vehicle accidents, we can help make any personal injury case stronger.

Is Boost Medical Group only for people with TBI?

Boost Medical Group is an effective solution for people with any injury – not just TBI. The first step in our process is to perform a comprehensive, full-service intake through our telehealth platform with an orthopedic surgeon and neurologist. We compile an inventory of over 200 potential injuries within a high degree of probability and utilize the inventory of injuries to provide your attorney with a true range value of the case. Whether you’re suffering from TBI, a musculoskeletal or AOMSI injury, Boost Medical can help by leveraging our suite of proprietary technologies:

  • Video Motion Analysis – Specific to AOMSI injuries, we offer a Video Motion Analysis that requires a neurologist to read, interpret and provide an official diagnosis.
  • Brainview – Brainview is a device for neurocognitive testing, including EEG-based capabilities, structural injury classifying, and a brain function index.
  • Syncthink – Synthink offers a comparable set of data points to combat defensive insurers, including digitized concussion assessments, oculomotor impairment testing and vestibular balance dysfunction analysis.
If I have a personal injury case, can I reach out to Boost Medical Group directly, or do I have to go through my attorney?

We provide client consultations, as well as respond to attorney inquiries.

What is the typical process of working with Boost Medical Group?
  1. Screening & Intake – New patient cases experience a telemedicine interview with our expert orthopedic and neurosurgeons. During this process, our team captures an inventory of all injuries and provides individuals with a baseline value of what the case is worth.
  2. Referrals – After the screening and intake process, our healthcare experts make a recommended referral for where the injured person should go to receive treatment.
  3. Diagnostics – If TBI or AOMSI injuries are suspected, we utilize our proprietary technologies like Brainview, Syncthink and Video Motion Analysis.
  4. Impairment Rating – Based on the injury evaluations and diagnostics, our experts assign an impairment rating to quantify the level of impairment.
  5. Demand Creation – Boost Medical drafts comprehensive demand letters over 120 pages on average, detailing the medical information in a way that’s more challenging to refute in court.
  6. Case Management – Our case management services offer an end-to-end solution to help manage the entire lifecycle of a case, creating efficiencies for attorneys and clients alike.
Are Boost Medical Group’s services available anywhere in the U.S?

Currently, Boost Medical Group operates and specializes in the state of Florida. We have plans to expand nationally over time. Sign up for our email newsletter to stay up to date!

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Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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